SWIGGS FINANCIAL LEARNING is a Research House and Training Centre that
focuses on using technical analysis to interpret the markets. We have been running
highly professional courses in technical analysis for market professionals and
traders. Our courses are by far the standard in the industry and have been chosen
by the aspirants having diverse profiles and experience. Our training Programs
constitute an ideal combination of traditional knowledge and our indigenous research
experiences and hence are a perfect mix of text and practical’s. Our students range
from pensioners who discovered the joys of the markets after they retired from their
regular jobs to professional analysts who knew the theory but could barely cut it in
the real ruthless world of trading. The pass out students from SWIGGS include
successful traders and people whose major source of earning is trading. You are
invited for a tryst with the hopping ride of the market with experienced and
enterprising professionals.

I, Rajeev Arora a full time Trader since 2004, also took over as Technical Analyst
and Trainer of stock market since last ten years. I have the privilege of leading
SWIGGS FINANCIAL LEARNING with an objective of training best risk reward ratio
to our students. As a trainer I have done indigenous research work in developing
and testing technical analysis based setups and views on the markets. Owing to
our strength of traditional existing knowledge as well as enterprising ideas we have
been successfully training investors as well as amateur learners with professional
skills of technical analysis for trading and taking investment decisions.

As tools to interpret the market action we use CHARTS and HISTORIC PRICE
DATA apart from other tools to maximize the reward and minimize the risk for the
inventors. We also provide daily and weekly newsletter for analysis on the market
and also Buy and Sell recommendation in indices and stocks.