NIFTY VIEW 12/03/20

High volatile indices, taking support and resistance at the given levels and closes near the previous days close.

On Thursday or Friday down targets of 10115.31 and 10004.55 may be achieved .

SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE levels for Thursday

RESISTANCE 2 -10594.40

RESISTANCE 1 – 10566.50

SUPPORT        1 – 10334.00

SUPPORT        2 – 10115.31

SUPPORT        3 – 10004.55



NIFTY VIEW 11/03/20

rajeev arora

As expected volatility is very high and Down TARGETS  in NIFTY of 10387.85 achieved in one day and NIFTY making a low of 10294.95 . Next down TARGETS of NIFTY is 10115.31

NIFTY VIEW 09/03/20

rajeev arora

HAPPY HOLI  In our post of 5th March down targets of 10900  and Nifty made a low of 11827.40 on ELLIOT WAVE basis achieved in two days , This is the MAGIC 

NIFTY VIEW 06/03/20

rajeev arora

Nifty is again volatile today. Gap up opening again coming down to the level of 11249 ( previous close ) and making high of 11389 near our second resistance level of 11369

NIFTY VIEW 05/03/20

rajeev arora

Nifty is volatile for the last 8 trading sessions . Nifty is in Third Wave ( ELLIOT ) Down for which  Target for Nifty is 10900 and technically support for Nifty is

NIFTY VIEW 14/02/2020

rajeev arora

There are multiple negative divergence in NIFTY  intraday Charts . Nifty will move in range before achieving it’s above Target of 12300 . Range for NIFTY is 12100 on the lower side

NIFTY VIEW ON 07/01/2020

rajeev arora

Nifty making a big BLACK CANDLE confirming further down levels for NIFTY in the  coming days .In intraday charts NIFTY Breaking down Exhaustion Pattern of ENDING DIAGONAL at the top which confirms

NIFTY VIEW 19/12/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty closing in new high for the last two days and indicating further up targets of 12305.00  to 12345 despite negative divergence in daily charts . Wait for dip to buy on


rajeev arora

BANK NIFTY making new high in the opening session and profit booking at the top level. Correction at the top or making NEW HIGH .How to TRADE and EARN in BANK NIFTY


rajeev arora

NIFTY opening higher and light profit booking at the top . Resistance at 12100+ levels and support at 12000 to 11900 levels . How to TRADE and EARN in this range bound


rajeev arora

BANK NIFTY is drawing SANDWICH candle stick pattern in WEEKLY charts at the top of TREND which is reversal candle stick pattern  with negative divergence in weekly charts  and in UPTREND in