NIFTY VIEW 12/03/20

High volatile indices, taking support and resistance at the given levels and closes near the previous days close.

On Thursday or Friday down targets of 10115.31 and 10004.55 may be achieved .

SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE levels for Thursday

RESISTANCE 2 -10594.40

RESISTANCE 1 – 10566.50

SUPPORT        1 – 10334.00

SUPPORT        2 – 10115.31

SUPPORT        3 – 10004.55




rajeev arora

  NIFTY in weekly charts drawing HARAMI PATTERN which is indecisive and with negative divergence  in Daily charts but following up TREND in DOW THEORY ……… To learn how to earn maximum

NIFTY VIEW 09/12/2019

rajeev arora

In our BLOG of 3rd December 2019 we have suggested sell on rise market and down level of 11890 given . Selling in the market after Monetary policy on 5th December and

NIFTY VIEW 03/12/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty opening just higher than our levels not sustaining profit booking and selling at the top as we suggested in our yesterday’s BLOG . Making 12137 high and and low of 12023

NIFTY VIEW 02/12/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty forming EVENING STAR candle stick pattern at the top of trend which is a bearish pattern . Short term moving averages confirming bearish crossover. Sell Nifty at opening and sell on

NIFTY VIEW 28/11/2019

rajeev arora

Again Nifty facing resistance at top levels which we predicted in yesterday’s BLOG. Nifty drawing HARAMI PATTERN in candlestick which again is indecisive pattern tomorrows candle confirm the further move of Nifty

NIFTY VIEW 27/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty is facing the perfectly the same resistance we predicted in our yesterday’s BLOG. Nifty on the top drawing BELT HOLD in daily charts in Japanese candlestick pattern confirming further down correction

NIFTY VIEW 26/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty is giving breakout in daily charts and further up targets are 12114.75  and Nifty closes above 12114.75  further up targets open for indices which are given in earlier BLOGS .  Support

NIFTY VIEW 19/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty again in range bound trade facing resistance at the top predicted in yesterday’s BLOG . Again Nifty may face resistance at top and trade in  range . Support and Resistance for

NIFTY VIEW 18/11/2019

rajeev arora

Last two Weekly candles of Nifty are doji creating indecision in weekly charts. In daily charts for the last two days Nifty also drawing doji ( dragon fly doji and grave stone

NIFTY VIEW 14/11/2019

rajeev arora

As we are predicting in our previous BLOGS breakdown of these levels may lead  Nifty to lower levels of 11684 to 11490. Formation of EVENING STAR at the top than breaking of