NIFTY VIEW 12/03/20

High volatile indices, taking support and resistance at the given levels and closes near the previous days close.

On Thursday or Friday down targets of 10115.31 and 10004.55 may be achieved .

SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE levels for Thursday

RESISTANCE 2 -10594.40

RESISTANCE 1 – 10566.50

SUPPORT        1 – 10334.00

SUPPORT        2 – 10115.31

SUPPORT        3 – 10004.55



NIFTY VIEW 13/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty making a low of 11853.95 on Monday a perfect support level of 11855 which is in Monday’s BLOG . As we predicted Nifty only gain 0.50% from the support level   .Now

NIFTY VIEW 11/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty making another higher high as expected and facing resistance at the perfect level given in previous BLOG i.e. 12034 and making a high of 12034.15 correcting to the level of 11888.75

NIFTY VIEW 08/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty making higher high of 12021.4 and facing resistance at the top which is exactly the level we predicted in yesterday’s BLOG i.e. 12003 and correcting to the level of 11946.85 drawing

NIFTY VIEW 07/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty again moving in a range as predicted in yesterday’s BLOG  high for today is 12002.90 and low is 11850.25 and support and resistance levels given in yesterday’s write up was 11865

NIFTY VIEW 06/11/2019

rajeev arora

Again a consolidation day for Nifty . As mentioned in  yesterday’s BLOG book profit in the upper ranges of 11989 to 12020 and Nifty making high of 11978.95 and lower range for

NIFTY VIEW 05/11/2019

rajeev arora

Mentioned in yesterday’s BLOG to book profit in the upper range of 11945 to 11996 and Nifty making high of 11989.15 again facing the resistance at the upper range and correcting to

NIFTY VIEW 04/11/2019

rajeev arora

Nifty is going into a time bound correction which may continue for couple of days . As mentioned in the previous  blog Nifty’s first support level is 11828 . and Nifty making low of

NIFTY VIEW 01/11/2019

rajeev arora

In the previous Trading sessions Nifty has achieved all the targets we advised on our blog . Nifty trend is up and upper range for  Nifty on  Friday is 11970 to 11995.

NIFTY VIEW 30/10/2019

rajeev arora

After a range bound move for five days Nifty give a clear breakout on Tuesday closing above 11724  the next up target for Nifty is 11875 . As the monthly expiry is

NIFTY VIEW 29/10/2019

rajeev arora

On Muhurat trading Nifty facing resistance at the higher levels, high and lows of Muhurat trading was 11672.40  and 11604.60 . Again the weekly candle of Nifty is indecisive  which shows the