NIFTY VIEW 12/03/20

High volatile indices, taking support and resistance at the given levels and closes near the previous days close.

On Thursday or Friday down targets of 10115.31 and 10004.55 may be achieved .

SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE levels for Thursday

RESISTANCE 2 -10594.40

RESISTANCE 1 – 10566.50

SUPPORT        1 – 10334.00

SUPPORT        2 – 10115.31

SUPPORT        3 – 10004.55



NIFTY VIEW 27/10/2019

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HAPPY & SHUBH DEEPAWALI On Friday Nifty taking support & resistance perfect to our levels , low was 11490.75 and high 11646.90 and our higher and lower ranges for Friday was 11660

NIFTY VIEW ON 25/10/2019

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Happy Dhanteras Nifty is facing resistance at 11680 to 11720 levels  and taking support in the range of 11500 to 11550 levels from the last four days. Tomorrow’s view nifty may take

NIFTY VIEW 24/10/2019

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Today Nifty has made a Doji in daily charts which is again a indecisive candle stick pattern . In our yesterday’s view Nifty’s first support is 11530 and nifty made a low

Nifty View on 23rd October 2019

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On the ninth day Nifty is making high of 11714.35 higher than the previous high of 11694.85 . But facing resistance in the range of 11695 to 11744 . These levels discussed


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NIFTY is moving up direction for the last Eight trading sessions. Up target for this move is 11695 to 11743. If NIFTY closes above 11744 on Daily basis . Then INDICES have

Welcome To Swiggs Financial learning Centre

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Hi All, Swiggs financial Learning centre is a Research House and Training Centre that focuses on using technical analysis to interpret the markets. We have been running highly professional courses in technical